The Interactive Fiction Archive

IF Archive Terms of Use

The contents of the IF Archive (including donated games, tools, documents, and other material) are the intellectual property of their original creators. They are, where possible, archived and distributed with permission.

Some material on the Archive includes a distribution license (such as an open-source or Creative Commons license). Such material is distributed under its licensed terms. Any material with no attached license is presumed to be licensed for personal use only.

All ancillary content on this web site (metadata, indexes, and file descriptions — everything other than donated files) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You may redistribute and adapt this ancillary content freely as long as you attribute it to the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation (

We prefer that material be donated by the original author or someone with the legal right to accept these terms. However, we understand that some IF-related material, particularly from the early years, was distributed with no clear license or terms. We host this material as part of the common heritage of interactive fiction. If you donate work which you did not create, you warrant that to the best if your knowledge, it may be legitimately stored and distributed by the Archive. If you are a copyright owner and wish to dispute our use of your work, please contact us: <submit .at. ifarchive .dot. org>.

Since the Archive includes material licensed for personal use only, it may not be compiled for commercial distribution. If you wish to commercially distribute a subset of the Archive's contents, you must obey the license of each and every file you distribute, and get permission from the author of every file with no attached license. The Archive maintainers are not able to give that permission. Note that "commercial distribution" includes selling games or game compilations on online auction sites.