D'ARKUN - dropdownclues

General Hints

I'm stuck.
  1. Look around.
  2. Explore the map. Try to go in every direction mentioned in room descriptions.
  3. Read carefully and examine everything.
  4. Try to talk to other characters. They might have interesting things to say.
  5. You can ask about objects as well as locations.
  6. The story makes use of hiding items behind/under/in other objects, so searching them might reveal interesting things.
  7. Still stuck? Read below for more specific hints.
I'm lost.
  1. Draw a map.
  2. The locations are rather small.
  3. If you don't like mapping there is another solution for you.
  4. In the story you can find a copy of the map provided in the feelies folder.
  5. You can find it as soon as you've got the iron key.
  6. When found, you get a password so you can open the .pdf file.
  7. It's a nearly complete map of the game.
I'm trembling.
  1. You need some cure.
  2. On day one, it's sufficient to sleep.
  3. Afterwards you need some medication.
  4. The vial in the old candy shop is suitable to calm you down.
  5. It's stored in the cabinet.
  6. Take it.
  7. Again.
  8. Drink the laudanum.

The house

What can I do at the cliff?
  1. Probably you can climb.
  2. But you need your climbing gear.
  3. It's in the trunk of the car.
  4. Get it and climb down.
  5. Now you can take the glinting thing.
  6. But the cave is dark.
  7. Come back, when you have a light source.
How do I open the front door to the house?
  1. You have a letter from your landlord.
  2. Read it.
  3. Look into the mouth of the statue.
  4. Try to take the key.
  5. Again and the key is yours.
  6. Unlock the door with the key.
What can I do in the house?
  1. Just explore the rooms.
  2. Have you heard something?
  3. You should inspect the second storey.
  4. Maybe there is something ... or ... somebody?
  5. Go to the bedroom.
  6. Open the curtains.
  7. Now your nerves require some sleep.
I need a light.
  1. There's a light source in the house.
  2. But you need a key to find it.
  3. There was a change in the bedroom as you opened the curtains.
  4. Look at the patch.
  5. Open the floorboard.
  6. Take the key.
  7. It unlocks the pantry.
  8. Search the shelves.
  9. Take the lamp.
  10. Now you need something to light it.
  11. It's likely to be found near a fireplace.
  12. There's one in the living room.
  13. Search the mantelpiece.
  14. Take the matches.
I need some shelter from the rain to go out.
  1. Maybe you brought your suitcase.
  2. There is a raincoat inside.
  3. If not, you can help yourself with a makeshift solution.
  4. The shelves in the pantry are covered in a piece of foil.
  5. Wear the foil.
What about the attic?
  1. The attic is the study of a renowned scientist.
  2. There is a desk with a drawer.
  3. You find some notes inside of it.
  4. There is also another area in the attic.
  5. Examine the floorboards.
  6. You can jump over the broken floorboards.
  7. Then you find something in the single crate.
I'm in the back yard.
  1. There is a shed.
  2. Inside you find a bicycle, as the landlord told you.
  3. You can use it to get to other locations.
  4. You can ride the bike to a certain location named in the letter.
  5. Ride to Altenkirchen.
  6. Ok cool, but how can I go back?
  7. Remember the name of the house?
  8. Ride to Putgarten.
  9. Later you learn about other locations.

The small town

What can I do here?
  1. Visit the store, the cemetery, the church.
  2. What about the old candy shop?
  3. It keeps a secret of the past.
  4. But you can't enter the shop from the street.
  5. You should explore the cemetery.
  6. You can go to the hill to see more.
  7. Go through the hole.
  8. Then you find yourself in the back yard of the shop.
  9. Find a way to enter it.
  10. First of all you can get to the flat roof.
  11. Climb the fire ladder.
  12. In the western part of the roof you find a pile of debris.
  13. Push the debris.
  14. Climb down.
Im stuck inside of the old candy shop.
  1. You had a vision.
  2. Your nerves still suffer from the shock.
  3. Read "I'm trembling" above.
  4. Then you can explore.
  5. The desk has a drawer.
  6. And there's a strange chair.
  7. You can test your mental condition when sitting on the chair.
  8. Touch the impression.
  9. Read the paper.
What about the mausoleum?
  1. You can freely explore.
  2. A renowned scientist's wife is resting here.
  3. But her husband's grave is missing.
  4. There is something to find though.
  5. Look at the grave.
  6. Inspect the roses.
  7. Maybe the protruding rose could be lowered.
  8. Push the rose.
  9. Look in the recess.
  10. Take the gold key.
What can I do in the book store?
  1. Talk to the owner.
  2. He told you that he can help with book titles or authors.
  3. Maybe a renowned scientist has written a book.
  4. Ask the owner about Morpheus.
  5. Search the local books.
  6. Take Morpheus' book.
  7. Don't forget to pay.
What is the secret of this church?
  1. It's an ordinary church.
  2. Except for the locked presbytery, of course.
  3. You should talk to the vicar.
  4. Ask him about the gate.
  5. Try to show him things you've collected.
  6. You should have found three items which are meaningful to the Putgarten family.
  7. Show him the amulet, the report, the map, or optionally the diary.
  8. Go east.
I don't know what to do in the presbytery.
  1. What can you do in a holy place like this?
  2. You should kneel.
  3. There is something about the wall.
  4. Sometimes there are graves built into walls of a presbytery.
  5. Graves of important people.
  6. Look behind the plate.
  7. You can't take the casket.
  8. But you can open it.
  9. Take the flask.
What is in the flask?
  1. Maybe the most important thing in this story.
  2. Maybe you've read the research papers in the Putgarten house.
  3. It's a kind of fuel to get some things working.
  4. Was there a door you couldn't open yet?
  5. You should go back to the house.
  6. But assure yourself that you've found some oil for the lamp first.
What is this old factory?
  1. The most common use of a factory is to produce things there.
  2. The overgrowth is hiding something.
  3. You can remove a part of it.
  4. There's something on the shelf.
  5. Take the tin.
  6. Now you can refill the oil lamp.

Back in the house

I can't go to the village.
  1. The way is blocked.
  2. It'll be open in the afternoon.
  3. Explore the cellar of the house meanwhile.
  4. Then try it again.
How do I open the door in the cellar?
  1. It's not an ordinary door.
  2. You can fill something into the bulge.
  3. Something you may have found in a flask.
  4. A kind of fuel to get some things working.
  5. Fill the black liquid into the bulge.
  6. Explore the laboratory.

The village

What's going on in the warehouse?
  1. You can watch the ceremony.
  2. But then you get caught.
  3. You were lowered into a new location.
  4. There you'll find something.
  5. Look under the toilet.
  6. Take the shard.
  7. The wall behind the toilet is weak.
  8. You can break it with a sturdy object.
  9. Like a book, or a sturdy lamp.
  10. Or simply break it, try it several times.
I can't enter the chapel.
  1. A kind of guard is blocking your way.
  2. You can get rid of him when you use something you'll find in the village.
  3. Come back after you've collected the only takeable thing here.
  4. I guess you've taken the shard.
  5. It's reflecting, maybe a part of an old mirror.
  6. Did you read something about the villagers in a renowned scientist's notes?
  7. They are not used to the daylight.
  8. There is a bright light over the chapel.
  9. You could try to reflect the light with the shard.
  10. Point the shard at the villager.
  11. Or, to keep it simple, just yank off the hood.
I can't enter the cargo deck.
  1. Captains are not amused about strangers entering cargo decks.
  2. Maybe you should come back later.
  3. But nonetheless the captain can tell you interesting things.
  4. Talk to him about things you know.
This is my first visit of the chapel.
  1. Just go down.
  2. Trust me.
  3. Try to beat the drum.
  4. No sticks?
  5. Examine the statue.
  6. Take the sticks out of the mouth.
  7. Beat the drum.
  8. Examine the bottom of the statue.
  9. You see a door, much like the one in the wine cellar.
  10. Unfortunately there's no liquid left in the flask.
  11. So you can only wait.
  12. Don't worry.
  13. Somebody saves your life.

Day three, the house

How do I get more of the liquid that was in the flask?
  1. Have you investigated the living room?
  2. There is a carcass on the wall.
  3. The carcass of a ray.
  4. Rays are flat and tall animals.
  5. They can cover something.
  6. Look behind the carcass.
  7. I assume you did take the gold key.
  8. If not, read about the mausoleum.
  9. Open the safe with the gold key.
  10. Take the recipe.
How can I get the ingredients part I?
  1. On day three there is something different.
  2. We have ebb and you can explore a location that was underwater before.
  3. Go to the Siebenschneiderstein.
  4. It's a vast cave.
  5. And some ways are blocked.
  6. But there is help.
  7. Did you visit the book store?
  8. If not, read about the book store.
  9. Examine Morpheus' book.
  10. The last page shows a hand drawing of this cave.
  11. But you need some orientation.
  12. You gain it when you're near of remarkable things.
  13. Keep exploring until you discover something.
  14. Then take a look at the last page.
  15. You get a hint in which direction you should continue.
  16. Or you can use trial and error, of course.
  17. But be aware that there are plenty of rooms.
  18. The way back should be no problem.
  19. Look at the status line.
  20. Or simply type [find gear].
How can I get the ingredients part II + III?
  1. The other two ingredients are in ...
  2. maybe you've already guessed it ... in Vitt.
  3. The shore is an interesting place.
  4. The water has retreated and there is something stranded.
  5. Something like a kraken.
  6. To collect the blood you need a container.
  7. The vial is too tiny and not empty.
  8. The flask is one suitable thing.
  9. But there is also another.
  10. Do you have a syringe?
  11. You can find one in the old candy shop.
  12. Fill either the flask with blood or inject the syringe into the kraken.
  13. And the captain of the trawler has vanished.
  14. So you can explore the cargo deck.
  15. Examine the single net.
  16. You'll find a sea cucumber.
  17. There is something inside.
  18. Take the larvae out of it.
I can't deal with the assembly.
  1. The assembly needs two things.
  2. A fuse to operate it.
  3. You can get one in the old candy shop.
  4. Or better to say in the closet.
  5. Open the panel and take out the fuse.
  6. The other panel is in the wine cellar.
  7. Search the racks.
  8. Open the panel.
  9. Put the fuse into it.
  10. And then you need the ingredients.
  11. You can fill/put them into the funnel.
  12. Be careful to choose the correct amount of them.
  13. If something went wrong, you can empty the machine's belly with the handle.
  14. You can watch your progress by examining the belly of the machine.
  15. Try to get a liquid which is very shiny, very thick and black.
  16. Just experiment.
  17. You need to add the larvae 3 times, the blood 2 times, and the algae 4 times.
  18. Touch the impression to test it.
  19. Then you need a container.
  20. Pour the flask, if you had used it to collect the blood.
  21. If you had used the syringe instead, the flask is already empty.
  22. Put the flask onto the slab.
  23. Touch the impression.
  24. Take the flask.

Back to the village.

The oval room
  1. Just go on.
  2. Beat the drum.
  3. Then fill the liquid into the bulge.
  4. Enter the door.
  5. You'll find something on the other side.
  6. Take it.
D'Arkun upper part.
  1. Explore.
  2. You see two impressions.
  3. Each of them lowers the passageway half.
  4. But you have a severed hand.
  5. Put the hand on one impression.
  6. Enter the bridge.
  7. Touch the other impression.
  8. Proceed.
D'Arkun lower part.
  1. You have to get down.
  2. Climb down from the lower void.
  3. You can look down.
  4. The only way down there is to jump.
I have no light down there.
  1. Try to go into a specific direction.
  2. There are exits north, south, and west.
  3. Try the west one.
  4. Inspect the block.
  5. A cylinder ... or better to say, a tin!
  6. Fill it into the lamp.
  7. Light the lamp.
  8. Surprised?
  9. Keep exploring.
The icy chamber.
  1. The scientist is now in the icy chamber.
  2. But what happens there?
  3. He is addicted to the thing in the icy block.
  4. The orb is about to melt the ice.
  5. The orb is powered by mycaeum.
  6. It's brought down here by the villagers in the warehouse.
  7. You can't prevent it.
  8. But there is a certain spot where the mycaeum is filled into the channels.
  9. It's in the southern alcove.
  10. And it's made of glass.
  11. You can break it with a sturdy object.
  12. Like a book, or a lamp.
  13. Come on, go look after the scientist.
  14. You can't help him.
  15. So search a way to escape.
  16. I'm sure you can do it.
  17. Then you can finally drive home.
How can I escape from the hall?
  1. Visit the alcove to the north.
  2. Examine the pillar.
  3. There is something you're already familiar with.
  4. Fill mycaeum into the bulge.
  5. Have faith.
  6. Enter the maelstrom.

I'm still missing some achievements in the end.

The telescope.
  1. One thing you might have missed is the telescope in the attic.
  2. From the attic you can look at things far away.
  3. You can point the telescope to some nearby points of interest.
  4. Try point it at Vitt on the second day.
  5. Then look through it.
The sea cucumber.
  1. Another thing you might have missed is in the kitchen.
  2. Read the description of the kitchen carefully.
  3. On day three you're hungry.
  4. You can cook something.
  5. There aren't many edible items ingame.
  6. But there is a sea cucumber.
  7. Visit the cargo deck of the trawler.
  8. Take it out of the single net.
  9. Return to the kitchen in the Putgarten house.
  10. Take a pot out of the cupboard.
  11. The stove is wood-fired.
  12. Take the oak logs out of the fireplace in the living room.
  13. Put them into the compartment beside the stove.
  14. Light them.
  15. Put the sea cucumber into the pot.
  16. Eat the soup.
The syringe.
  1. Another thing you might have missed is the syringe.
  2. There is a syringe in the old candy shop.
  3. Open the drawer of the desk in the old candy shop.
  4. Take the syringe.
  5. Then return to the shore in Vitt.
  6. You can collect some blood of the kraken.
  7. Inject the syringe into the kraken.
  8. Then you can do something weird.
  9. Inject the syringe into yourself.
Conversation with Morpheus.
  1. More missing achievements might be hidden in the last scene.
  2. You can ask Morpheus about various topics.
  3. And show him various things.
  4. Then you'll get some additional informations.
  5. Ask him about the Putgarten house.
  6. Ask him about the villagers.
  7. Show him the diary.
  8. Show him your birthmark.
  9. If there are still achievements missing, keep exploring.