Sheep Crossing — 11 of 18

Andrew Geng

Release 1

Section - Boat

Disembarking is an action applying to one thing. Instead of disembarking something, try exiting. Understand "exit [thing]" or "get out of [thing]" as disembarking.

A vehicle called the boat is in the East bank. "A small wooden boat bobs in the water[if there is a thing in the boat] with [list of things in the boat with indefinite articles] aboard[end if]." The description is "The boat is just big enough to hold you and one other passenger." The carrying capacity of the boat is 2. Instead of getting off the boat, try disembarking the boat. Instead of taking the boat, say "The boat is a little too heavy for you to carry." Instead of pushing or pulling the boat, say "The boat bobs some more." Before eating the boat, say "It really doesn't look appetizing." instead.

Instead of attacking the boat:

if the player is in the boat:

now the player is nauseated;

say "You kick the side of the boat. It wobbles less than you expect, but you still end up feeling a bit more nauseated.";


say "You kick the boat halfheartedly. It wobbles in response.".

Instead of listening to the boat, say "It creaks alarmingly but hasn't sunk yet."

Instead of smelling the boat, say "It smells like the river."

Rowing is an action applying to nothing. Understand "row" or "row the/-- boat" or "begin rowing" or "row the/-- boat across the/-- water/river" as rowing.

Carry out rowing:

repeat with way running through directions:

if the room way from the location is a room:

try going way;


Riding is an action applying to one thing. Understand "ride [thing]" as riding.

Instead of riding something (called the target):

if the target is an animal: [e.g. "ride sheep"]

try touching the target;


try entering the target.

Understand "jump in [thing]" or "jump into [thing]" as entering.