Sheep Crossing — 10 of 18

Andrew Geng

Release 1

Section - Bear

A bear is in the East bank. The description is "The bear [if the bear is full]seems slightly chubbier than it was before[otherwise]is chubby[end if]." A bear is a portable, edible, neuter animal. The eating priority of the bear is 3.

Instead of smelling the bear:

now the player is nauseated;

say "The [if the bear is full]stench of death[otherwise]ripe body odor of unwashed bear[end if] gives you waves of nausea."

Instead of listening to the bear:

say "[one of]You hear nothing unexpected.[or]The bear's breathing is remarkably quiet for an animal of its size.[or]You hear a sound like cloth ripping. Soon you detect a foul smell.[at random]".

After asking the bear about:

If the topic understood is a topic listed in the Table of bear's Replies:

say "[Response entry][paragraph break]";


say "The bear [one of]scratches its tummy[or]yawns[or]swats at an imaginary fly in front of its nose[or]looks around but remains seated[at random]."

Table of bear's Replies

"wolf/wolves/diet/diets/dieting/gratitude""The bear looks offended."
"tummy/tummies""The bear scratches its tummy."
"fly/flies""The bear looks around but remains seated."

Instead of playing with the bear:

say "The bear looks offended."