Sheep Crossing — 8 of 18

Andrew Geng

Release 1

Section - Cabbage

A cabbage is in the East bank. The description is "The cabbage is wet." A cabbage is a portable, edible, neuter, vegetative animal. The eating priority of the cabbage is 1. Understand "head of cabbage" as the cabbage.

Instead of smelling the cabbage:

say "It smells less fresh than you were hoping."

Instead of listening to the cabbage:

say "*drip* *drip* *drip*".

Some scraps of leaves are carried by the cabbage. The description is "The fate of your cabbage slowly dawns on you." Understand "leaves" as the scraps when the cabbage is dead. The scraps are a corpse.

After asking the cabbage about, say "The cabbage continues dripping water [if the player is in the boat]into the boat[otherwise]onto the ground[end if]."