Sheep Crossing — 17 of 18

Andrew Geng

Release 1

Chapter - How This Ends

Section - Amusement

Table of Final Question Options (continued)

final question wordingonly if victorioustopicfinal response rulefinal response activity
--false"aww"aww rule--
--false"awww"aww rule--
--false"awwww"aww rule--
--false"awwwww"aww rule--
--false"awwwwww"aww rule--

This is the aww rule:

if the number of animals in the West bank is the gift count:

say "The bear bristles at your accusation of cuteness.";


say "There, there."

Rule for amusing a victorious player:

say "Have you tried...[paragraph break]...eating anything yourself?[line break]...taking a recently fed bear across the river?[line break]...attacking the boat while you're in it?[line break]...intentionally drowning anything?[line break]...insisting on going somewhere you shouldn't?"