Happyland hints and walkthrough

General Tips

There are multiple endings, depending on the completeness of your investigation. The "best score" is getting a 22 year sentence for the guilty person.

Hover over the hints below if you get stuck.

Part 1: The scene of the crime

Hint 1 follow Ken to the crash site
Hint 2 take note of all the info Ken provides
Hint 3 examine Franks' body
Hint 4 search Franks' body to find a key
Hint 5 fingerprint Franks

Part 2: Get info about the crime

Hint 1 ask Mr. Baxter (he's in his office) about the crash and the threats
Hint 2 take an extra close look at the threatening letter
Hint 3 use your magnifying glass to look at the threatening letter
Hint 4 talk to Jared (he's in Room 206)
Hint 5 ask Jared about the crash and the safety system

Part 3: Safety first

Hint 1 explore the mechanical room north of Joyville
Hint 2 examine the wires
Hint 3 explore around the shed
Hint 4 east of the generator, you'll find a pair of garden shears

Part 4: On the cutting edge

Hint 1 examine the garden shears closely
Hint 2 use your magnifying glass on the shears
Hint 3 analyze the shards found on the shears
Hint 4 find out whose fingerprints are on the shears (you'll need to fingerprint the shears and some of the staff members to find a match)
Hint 5 showing your analyses with Ken and Mr. Baxter might extra information, assuming you can trust them

Part 5: Find a motive (from Gumshoe to Bedroom Slipper)

Hint 1 look for evidence in all the bedrooms
Hint 2 in Mr. Cooper's room, you'll find a news article
Hint 3 in room 203, you'll find some papers
Hint 4 is there a connection between these papers?
Hint 5 use your magnifying glass to look closer at the papers
Hint 6 are there any other sources of news around?
Hint 7 compare the news article to the newspaper in the lobby

Part 6: Confront with breaking news

Hint 1 you should have enough evidence to confront the main suspect
Hint 2 show your evidence to Mr. Cooper
Hint 3 show Mr. Cooper the shears, the news article, the newspaper, the paper strips
Hint 4 ask Mr. Cooper about the shears' fingerprints and the cut wires

Part 7: Arrested development

Hint 1 if you arrest the Mr. Cooper, before the 3pm wake, he will die upon being arrested (and you thought you were done!)
Hint 2 if you haven't arrested him by the wake, he will die shortly after
Hint 3 you can try to help Cooper when he dies, but it will be futile
Hint 4 Mr. Cooper's dying words may give you some insight
Hint 5 after Mr. Cooper dies, search his body, and do a (yechh) vomit analysis

Part 8: Type the scales of justice

Hint 1 who wrote the fake news article? with what tool?
Hint 2 who wrote the threatening letter? with what tool?
Hint 3 explore the ballroom
Hint 4 ask about the two typewriters and compare their output by using them
Hint 5 were there any other documents created by the typewriter?

Part 9: Grape expectations

Hint 1 check out the stuff on Ms. Davis' desk
Hint 2 anything poisonous?
Hint 3 analyze the hairspray and compare to Mr. Cooper's vomit analysis
Hint 4 if Cooper died before the wake, you might found what he drank by looking around places that he frequents.
Hint 5 Mr. Cooper frequents his room, the staff room, or the upstairs storage closet.

Part 10: Follow the money

Hint 1 ask around to see if anyone recognizes the money you got from Mr. Cooper
Hint 2 where did the money come from?
Hint 3 it came from the secure cabinet
Hint 4 can you open the secure cabinet
Hint 5 Mr. Franks' silver key opens the secure cabinet
Hint 6 Ms. Sanchez also has a key to the secure cabinet; ask her where it is
Hint 7 either open the secure cabinet yourself or ask Ms. Sanchez to show it to you
Hint 8 fingerprint the secure cabinet
Hint 9 fingerprint Ms. Sanchez's key (if she didn't use it recently, maybe someone else did)
Hint 10 if Ms. Sanchez's key had someone else's fingerprints, whose are they? show that person the fingerprints

Part 11: Treasure hunt

Hint 1 the stolen money is somewhere on the property
Hint 2 the stolen money is somewhere where no one should go
Hint 3 the stolen money is bug free
Hint 4 the alarm panel the security nook shows if there are any unauthorized accesses
Hint 5 the stolen money is on the fifth floor
Hint 6 the stolen money will be retrieved just before the staff leaves on the 8pm bus, if you want to catch someone in the act

Part 12: Apprehend the mastermind

Hint 1 Mr. Baxter will probably be interested in the stolen money
Hint 2 the cardboard box of stolen money might have some fingerprints on it
Hint 3 show the cardboard box fingerprints to the suspect